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Paris Real Estate Price Trend Remains Flat

13 June 2024

According to the latest official figures, the Paris real estate price trend remains flat. But is it that black and white? In the next 56Paris update, we take a closer look into the different areas of our city, revealing a more detailed picture of the property market in 2024.

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Arc de Triomphe View Paris Air-Conditioned Apartment

06 June 2024

Discover a stunning Arc de Triomphe view Paris air-conditioned apartment with a terrace and balconies. The 2/3 bedroom, 2 bathroom corner property sits on the second-floor with elevator of a Haussmann-era building. In Paris' prestigious northern 16th district, it lies just steps away from the Champs Élysées and the Golden Triangle.

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Paris Interview with an Author, John Baxter

30 May 2024

Next in our exclusive 56Paris author interviews, we catch up with John Baxter in Paris. John knows these streets like the back of his hand – something he brings to life in his memoirs and literary walking tours around the capital. We asked him for his fascinating insights into life in Paris as an expat, and about his brand-new book.

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Unique Paris Architectural Gems: Part One

23 May 2024

Paris architectural gems never cease to amaze. From the iconic Eiffel Tower to the cobbled streets of Montmartre, there are world-renowned landmarks around every corner. But beyond these famous attractions, lie a wealth of lesser-known treasures.

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Paris’ Avenue Frochot, a Private Enclave

09 May 2024

Of all the addresses in our city, Paris’ Avenue Frochot is one of the most hidden, and appreciated by those who know it. But what’s so special about it? We take a peek behind the private walls and gates, to reveal one of our most secret streets, sure to be of interest to readers of the 56Paris blog. 

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Luxury Paris 2 bed Rental Apartment

25 April 2024

Welcome to your dream apartment, this luxury Paris 2 bed 2 bath in the highly coveted 7th district of Paris. Near the French Parliament off the prestigious Boulevard St. Germain, the property is on the 4th floor of a well-maintained elegant Haussmann era building with elevator.

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Paris Interview with an Author, Mark Seal

18 April 2024

In the next of our exclusive interviews for 56Paris, we talk to acclaimed American journalist and author Mark Seal. Having spent many years in Paris, he offers an array of insights into our city – from Kate Hudson’s favorite place to get hot chocolate, to the story of Hemingway’s bartender. But it’s his experience of the historic neighborhoods of Paris that we’re sure our readers will find the most fascinating.

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Pompidou Center 1 Bedroom for Sale in Paris

11 April 2024

Explore this Pompidou Center 1 bedroom pied-à-terre, nestled on the first floor of a historic building in Paris’ vibrant 4th district. Located between the Marais and the Hotel de Ville, this cozy apartment offers easy access to the renowned Beaubourg modern art museum, as well as the Seine and the Ile de la Cité.

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French Energy Rankings Will Improve for Small Apartments

05 April 2024

New reports state that French energy rankings will improve for small apartments – starting this summer. This topic is sure to be of interest to our clients and regular readers of the 56Paris blog. Here’s the latest update, as Paris continues to make moves toward greener, cleaner, more sustainable city living.

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Paris Parc Monceau 3 bed for Sale

28 March 2024

Discover this exquisite Parc Monceau 3 bed top floor property that epitomizes refined urban living. Situated in the heart of the 17th district of Paris, in close proximity to the iconic park, and surrounded by a vibrant array of shops, restaurants, and cafes, the residence is perfectly positioned for both convenience and sophistication.

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Update on French Mortgage Rates

21 March 2024

Many of our clients at 56Paris ask about French mortgage rates, and the current climate. For the latest news and predictions for 2024, we caught up with a bilingual mortgage broker, a trusted partner of ours for many years. Most importantly we ask the question – will we see better rates for buyers anytime soon?

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Paris Real Estate Prices Decreased in 2023

07 March 2024

If you’re a regular reader of the 56Paris blog, the news that Paris real estate prices decreased last year isn’t too much of a surprise. But the latest reports shed more light on the slight trend we’re seeing – and there is still promising news for both property owners and investors. We take a closer look at the real picture, which shows a more nuanced market.

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Montparnasse 1 Bedroom in Paris for Sale

29 February 2024

Discover a lovely Montparnasse 1 bedroom in Paris for sale. This charming property offers 560 sq. ft. of living space. Well situated on the mezzanine level of a grand early 20th-century building, it offers an ideal address in the 14th arrondissement (district), just across from the adjacent 6th district.

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Air-conditioned Paris apartment with balconies

22 February 2024

Experience living in this air-conditioned Paris apartment near the Arc de Triomphe. Close to the iconic Place de l’Etoile, the two-bedroom property boasts three balconies. Located on the second floor of a period building with elevator, this sunlit corner apartment is fully renovated.

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Paris Interview with an Author, Tim Ward

15 February 2024

The next Paris interview with an author series for 56Paris is with Tim Ward. A part-time Parisian with his wife Teresa, they own an apartment and live here several months of the year. We catch up about Tim’s fascinating new book, Mature Flâneur, about his travels in Paris and in France, along with other European countries.

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Will the Paris Energy Efficiency Deadline be Extended?

08 February 2024

The Paris energy efficiency deadline is something readers of the 56Paris blog will be familiar with. However – new reports are suggesting an extension could be in the cards. This would give homeowners longer to improve their property’s energy efficiency. But when will this happen, if at all?

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Paris Commercial Real Estate Bucks Trend

01 February 2024

While the retail property market is struggling across most of Europe, Paris commercial real estate bucks the trend, according to the latest reports. There are several reasons why this is good news for 56Paris clients.

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9th District 2 Bedroom for Sale in Paris

18 January 2024

Discover this Paris 9th district 2 bed apartment off the Grands Boulevards, bordering the trendy 10th district. Situated on the 5th floor of a thoroughly renovated 1830s building with an elevator, this residence offers a lovely blend of historical charm and modern convenience.

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Paris Interview with an Author, Nikita Harwich

17 January 2024

In our latest Paris interview with an author, Nikita Harwich talks to 56Paris about a delicious topic – chocolate! Nikita is an American living and working in Paris. And we find out about the new edition of his book, which reveals there’s much more to this ingredient than you might think.

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Paris Left Bank one Bedroom for Sale

11 January 2024

Explore this charming Paris Left Bank one bedroom with exposed beams, nestled on a tranquil side street in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Situated on the 4th floor of a period building without elevator, this residence is ideally located between the Seine and boulevard Saint-Germain in the coveted 6th district.

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How Much of a Discount for Poor Insulation in Paris?

04 January 2024

Are some buyers getting a discount for poor insulation in Paris? A new report says they are – something we know will interest readers of the 56Paris blog. While we’ve known about this phenomenon for some time, an official notary investigation now reveals the amount of savings property buyers are making.

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Luxurious Turnkey Paris 2 Bed 2 Bath for Sale

28 December 2023

Welcome to your dream home in the highly coveted 7th district! This luxurious turnkey Paris 2 bed 2 bath is on the 4th floor of a well-maintained elegant Haussmann era building with elevator. Near the Assemblée Nationale (the French Parliament) off the prestigious Boulevard St. Germain, it is nestled in a centrally located and desirable area.

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Paris Interview with an Author, Whitney Cubbison

21 December 2023

In the first of a new series for 56Paris, this Paris interview with an author catches up with Whitney Cubbison. An American living in Paris, her new book Will There Be Wine? charts her life as an expat in the French capital. It’s a brilliant read, and sure to be of interest to fellow Americans thinking of moving across the pond and making a new life here!

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Paris Property Prices Decreasing – or Are They?

14 December 2023

Regular readers of the 56Paris blog will know from our articles over the past year – there’s a slight trend showing Paris property prices decreasing. But are things so black and white? We take a look at the notary reports covering the previous three months.

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One Bedroom Parisian Pied-à-terre for Sale

07 December 2023

Discover this charming Parisian pied-à-terre for sale on the first floor without elevator of a period building. Situated in the heart of Paris's 7th district, the cozy one bedroom is tucked away between the Rodin Museum and the grand Place du Palais Bourbon. The Esplanade des Invalides is just around the corner.

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Green SUV Tax in Paris Put to a Vote

30 November 2023

It’s something sure to interest readers of the 56Paris blog – is a green SUV tax in Paris in the cards? Recent reports suggest it’s a new plan designed to reduce traffic and improve the green credentials of our city. While the details are not finalized, here’s what we do know about the proposal.

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Musée d’Orsay 1 Bed 1.5 Bath for Sale in Paris

23 November 2023

Discover this Musée d’Orsay 1 bed 1.5 bath for sale in the coveted antique dealers’ area of Paris’ 7th district. On one of its most sought-after streets, the turnkey property sits on the third floor of a well-kept Haussmann era building with elevator. 

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How Floor Level Affects Paris Apartment Prices

16 November 2023

There are so many factors that affect Paris apartment prices – including which level of the building you’re on. But there’s more to it than simply having extra light or a better view. 

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Airbnb for the Paris Olympics in 2024

09 November 2023

The prospect of tourists using Airbnb for the Paris Olympics is in the news. It follows a rather stormy history between the online rental giant and the French government – who have tried various tactics over the years to curb Airbnb rentals in Paris.

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Paris Art Nouveau Architecture Museum Planned

02 November 2023

There are reports that a new Paris Art Nouveau architecture museum may be in the cards. Showcasing the work of hugely influential French architect Hector Guimard, it’s set to be another cultural gem for our city.

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