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Paris Apartment Tour, Found for a Client

01 December 2022

Following our recent videos about a search client, we’d like to take you on a Paris apartment tour around the property!

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Quiet Two Bedroom for Sale in Paris

24 November 2022

This quiet two bedroom for sale in Paris sits on the 2nd floor of a lovely period building in Paris’ 5th district, near the gothic Bernardins monastery.

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Buying a Paris Apartment: Part Two

17 November 2022

In the conclusion of our client’s story about buying a Paris apartment, we continue with negotiating the price and closing the sale for our American client.

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Buying an Apartment in Paris, A Client Story

10 November 2022

Sometimes, the wish list for our clients buying an apartment in Paris can seem almost impossible.

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Paris Hotel Lambert Al Thani Auction

03 November 2022

The sale of art treasures at the recent Hotel Lambert auction has broken sales records.

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George & Georges Semi-Custom Shoes in Paris

27 October 2022

Creating semi-custom shoes in Paris is one of the traditional crafts still available for those looking for the finest footwear.

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Wealth Tax on French Property

20 October 2022

Want to know more about the wealth tax on French property? Here is our simple guide to the tax, and some ways that owners of real estate can manage their liability. 

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Sunny Renovated Paris Two Bedroom for Sale

13 October 2022

Beautifully renovated sunny Paris two bedroom in the most desirable part of the 7th district. It sits on the 4th floor with elevator of a 19th century building. Embassies and former private mansions line this charming Rive Gauche street.

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Paris Interior Designer Interview

06 October 2022

In this new Paris interior designer interview, we speak to a professional about what it’s like to work in the French capital.

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Paris Real Estate Prices on the Rise

29 September 2022

The latest notary reports are out and show what we were expecting – Paris real estate prices on the rise.

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Paris Real Estate as Dollar Overtakes the Euro

22 September 2022

As the dollar overtakes the Euro for the first time in 20 years, we take a look at what this means for American buyers.

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Paris apartment to renovate

15 September 2022

This Paris apartment to renovate lies near the place Pereire. On a residential side street, the two-bedroom with balcony sits on the 5th fl. with elevator of a period building in the city’s 17th district.

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Meet the 56Paris Real Estate Team

08 September 2022

We often get asked about the 56Paris Real Estate team – how many people work at your agency? Who are they and where are they from? What is their background?

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Sunny Two Bedroom for Sale in Paris

01 September 2022

This sunny two bedroom for sale in Paris sits on the 1st floor of an 18th century building in the Cardinal Lemoine area of the 5th district.

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Stay in a Paris Mansion

25 August 2022

Have you ever wanted to stay in a Paris mansion? Well you certainly can, and it may be more affordable than you think!

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Are Paris Airbnb Rentals Allowed?

18 August 2022

It’s a question we get asked frequently – are Paris Airbnb rentals allowed?

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Post-carbon La Défense Business District in Paris

11 August 2022

A new ‘post-carbon’ La Défense project is taking shape, beginning in 2024 and due to open by 2030.

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Buying a Paris Apartment, Paul and Minché’s Experience

04 August 2022

Buying a Paris apartment starts with a dream. For Americans Paul and Minché, it’s now very much a reality.

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Paris Hotel Business is Booming

28 July 2022

The Paris hotel business is enjoying a strong recovery, following the uncertainties of the past two years.

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Notre-Dame Landscaping Project

21 July 2022

A €50 million Notre-Dame landscaping project is going ahead, transforming the area surrounding our city’s famous cathedral.

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Paris Commercial Real Estate Trends

14 July 2022

The latest Paris commercial real estate trends are looking promising for French investors.

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Roofscapes and the Greening of Paris Rooftops

07 July 2022

The greening of Paris rooftops is in the spotlight – thanks to an innovative new startup.

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Elle Hospitality Paris Hotel to be its First

30 June 2022

Opening this fall, the Elle Hospitality Paris hotel is a new venture for the famed magazine.

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Alésia Paris Renovation Opportunity

23 June 2022

This Alésia Paris renovation opportunity sits on a quiet pedestrian cul-de-sac with greenery. On the 3nd fl. without elevator of a period building, it offers two to three bedrooms. In Paris’ 14th district, the rue d’Alésia with its many shops and restaurants lies just minutes away.

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How are Paris Real Estate Prices Trending?

16 June 2022

The latest reports are out – how are Paris real estate prices trending? 

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Buying Property with an SCI in France

02 June 2022

You may have read about buying property in France with an SCI, but what exactly does it mean?

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French Real Estate Energy Diagnostics

26 May 2022

Our city is getting greener, and French real estate energy diagnostics are changing to improve the environmental status of Paris.

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Moulin Rouge Paris Airbnb

17 May 2022

The latest place to stay in our capital is the Moulin Rouge Paris Airbnb – with the chance to spend the night in the iconic red windmill.

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Blockchain Investing in Paris Real Estate

12 May 2022

Is blockchain investing in Paris real estate possible? Is it possible to use cryptocurrencies under current French law?

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Jump for Life Project in Paris

05 May 2022

The Jump for Life project in Paris is a new art book revealing a unique side to our city. A charity project, some of the proceeds are being donated to support the Abbé Pierre Foundation.

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