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Green SUV Tax in Paris Put to a Vote

30 November 2023

It’s something sure to interest readers of the 56Paris blog – is a green SUV tax in Paris in the cards? Recent reports suggest it’s a new plan designed to reduce traffic and improve the green credentials of our city. While the details are not finalized, here’s what we do know about the proposal.

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Musée d’Orsay 1 Bed 1.5 Bath for Sale in Paris

23 November 2023

Discover this Musée d’Orsay 1 bed 1.5 bath for sale in the coveted antique dealers’ area of Paris’ 7th district. On one of its most sought-after streets, the turnkey property sits on the third floor of a well-kept Haussmann era building with elevator. 

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How Floor Level Affects Paris Apartment Prices

16 November 2023

There are so many factors that affect Paris apartment prices – including which level of the building you’re on. But there’s more to it than simply having extra light or a better view. 

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Airbnb for the Paris Olympics in 2024

09 November 2023

The prospect of tourists using Airbnb for the Paris Olympics is in the news. It follows a rather stormy history between the online rental giant and the French government – who have tried various tactics over the years to curb Airbnb rentals in Paris.

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Paris Art Nouveau Architecture Museum Planned

02 November 2023

There are reports that a new Paris Art Nouveau architecture museum may be in the cards. Showcasing the work of hugely influential French architect Hector Guimard, it’s set to be another cultural gem for our city.

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Air-conditioned apartment for sale in Paris, top floor duplex

26 October 2023

This air-conditioned apartment for sale in Paris on the 4th and 5th floors of a lovely mid-19th century building with elevator. The top floor two bed two bath duplex lies in a village-like residential neighborhood in Paris’ 16th district.

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Charming Paris Squares with Apartments: Part Two

19 October 2023

Welcome back to the second installment of this blog, looking at more of the charming Paris squares with apartments you’ll find throughout our city.

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Panoramic Paris View Apartment for Sale

12 October 2023

This panoramic Paris view apartment for sale is a two-bedroom on the 24th floor of a modern building with amenities near the place d’Italie. In the charming Butte-aux-Cailles neighborhood, the Jade Tower is part of the Îlot Vandrezanne buildings that share a communal garden accessible from the 4th floor.

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Charming Paris Squares with Apartments: Part One

05 October 2023

There are so many charming Paris squares with apartments throughout our city. And we’re not just talking about the famous squares you’ll find in the tourist books either. In the first part of this guide, we take you around central Paris, exploring some of the most appealing places to live and own an apartment in these historic areas.

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Paris Property Tax Increase, Yet Still Among the Lowest

28 September 2023

The news that there’s a Paris property tax increase on the way might seem concerning to owners. Especially as reports are quoting a rise of 62% – but is it as worrying as it seems? We take a look and find that property tax in Paris remains much lower compared to other cities.

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Are Paris Real Estate Prices Decreasing?

21 September 2023

Are Paris real estate prices decreasing – as some reports are suggesting? The answer is yes, some districts are, and it’s a situation not seen in our city for at least 15 years. So what is happening?

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Le Grand Mazarin Hotel Opening in Paris’ Marais

14 September 2023

Following several delays, the Grand Mazarin Hotel opening in Paris is finally slated to open. It’s one of the most anticipated hotels of the year. We take a look around this exceptional new 5-star Parisian property.

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What is the Price of Paris Real Estate?

07 September 2023

Are you interested in the price of Paris real estate? Want to know what €1 million – or €4 million – would get you in 2023? Take a look at this showcase of the latest properties for sale from the 56Paris portfolio.

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French Residence Tax Declaration Update

31 August 2023

Following a number of delays, the new French Residence Tax declaration is now finalized. The deadline for giving the information to the authorities passed on August 10, 2023.

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Paris Palace Hotel Swimming Pools

24 August 2023

The Paris palace hotel swimming pools are one of the ‘hidden’ features of our city. Spending a day poolside – or spa-side – in these luxurious hideaways is a great way to leave the hustle of Paris behind for a little while.Here’s our pick of the top hotels and their indulgent havens for relaxation.

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For sale in Paris: air conditioned 3 bed 3 bath

17 August 2023

For sale in Paris: air conditioned luxurious 3 bed 3 bath on the fourth floor of an elegant Haussmannian building. Just off the place de L’Etoile, on Paris’ grand avenue Foch, the property lies in the exclusive northern 16th district.

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Paris Luxury Retail Soars

10 August 2023

The Paris luxury retail and property market soared in 2022, according to a new study. We take a look at why the French capital continues to grow as a hub for luxury commerce.

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The Dream Eiffel Tower View Paris Apartment

03 August 2023

Our new video showcases something incredibly special – an Eiffel Tower view Paris apartment. Join Kerstin Bachmann, founder and Managing Director of 56Paris, for a guided tour of this rare and exceptional property.

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The Late Jane Birkin’s Homes in France

27 July 2023

Following her passing last month, we are taking a look at Jane Birkin’s life and her homes in France. The fashion icon has left behind a legacy in not just French cinema and music, but real estate too.

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2 Bedroom With Eiffel Tower View for Sale in Paris

20 July 2023

This turnkey 2 bed 2 bath with Eiffel Tower view for sale is air conditioned and has three balconies. Stunning views of the tower inhabit the sunny apartment on the 7th fl. of a grand 1920s building with elevator.

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Euro Dollar Currency Exchange Rate Update

13 July 2023

Have you been reading the news about the current Euro Dollar currency exchange rate? With rising inflation also affecting those looking for a mortgage in Europe, what does this mean for American buyers looking for properties in Paris?

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Swimming in the Seine in Paris Again

28 June 2023

Swimming in the Seine in Paris again is going to be a reality next year, if the current clean-up project is a success. It’s just one of the many developments changing in our city ahead of the Paris Olympic Games 2024. We take a look at how the French government proposes to make this famous river safe to swim – in just a year’s time!

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French Hotel Sector Flourishing

21 June 2023

Recent sales of business real estate show the French hotel sector is flourishing. This is in contrast to other hotel markets in Europe. It’s another positive sign of the strength of the property market in Paris. We take a look at the latest reports.

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Continued Stability in Paris Real Estate Prices

15 June 2023

The latest notary reports are out, revealing stability in Paris real estate prices. These statistics cover the first quarter of this year. However, desirable central districts are showing growth with prices actually on the rise. We take a look at what the first few months of the year say about the Paris real estate market in 2023.

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How to Get a Mortgage in France Now

08 June 2023

Are you planning how to get a mortgage in France? With interest rates rising in Europe, perhaps you’re wondering if now is even a good time. We take a look at the current situation, especially for overseas buyers thinking about buying an apartment in Paris.

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Buying an Apartment in Paris: 5 Questions to Ask

25 May 2023

Are you thinking about buying an apartment in Paris? Whether you have viewings booked – or are making your first steps – here are our Top 5 things to look out for.

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Can Foreigners Buy Property in France?

17 May 2023

You’d be surprised how often we get asked, “Can foreigners buy property in France?” The short answer is – of course. But before you start packing your suitcases, it’s wise to learn a little about the current processes, and the obstacles that international buyers sometimes face.

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Evaluating Fractional Ownership in Paris

12 May 2023

If you’re looking to buy an apartment, you may have come across the term ‘fractional ownership’ in Paris. But what does this mean, and what does it involve? And more importantly, is it something you should consider?

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Buying Paris Property with Family or Friends

26 April 2023

Thinking about buying Paris property with family or friends? Is it possible? Easy to do? Or is it full of red tape?These are common questions we get asked at 56Paris, and it’s the topic of a new video on our YouTube channel with Kerstin Bachmann, Managing Director of 56Paris.

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Top floor Marais apartment for sale in Paris

21 April 2023

This air-conditioned top floor Marais apartment for sale is fully renovated. On the fourth floor without elevator of a period building, the one-bedroom duplex overlooks a quiet courtyard with greenery. In the heart of the Marais, Paris’ Carnavalet museum and the Place des Vosges are both nearby.

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