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Paris Air-Conditioned Apartment With Terrace for Sale

23 April 2020

This turnkey Paris air-conditioned apartment with terrace offers 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The private terrace measures 140 sq. ft Located in the historic heart of Paris, it benefits from its position on a quiet street in the antique dealers section of the 7th district. The property sits on the first floor with elevator of a recently restored 19th century building.

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Global Investments in Paris Puts in Top 3

13 April 2020

Global investment in Paris ranks it the world’s 3rd most attractive business venue. Only London and Shanghai receive more, according to a report from the Greater Paris Investment Agency and KPMG.

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Selling Real Estate in Paris During the Coronavirus Pandemic

09 April 2020

At the moment, you may have questions about selling real estate in Paris during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Coronavirus and Mortgages in Paris Real Estate

08 April 2020

As you would expect during the current crisis, there is a link between the Coronavirus and mortgages in Paris.

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Coronavirus Effect on Paris Real Estate Transactions

03 April 2020

Like most markets around the world, there has been a major ‘coronavirus effect’ on Paris real estate transactions.

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Coronavirus Impact on Paris Real Estate

26 March 2020

Since the lockdown of our city, we are quickly adapting to the Coronavirus impact on Paris real estate.

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The World’s Most Expensive Cities

19 March 2020

Have you ever wondered which are the world’s most expensive cities?

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A Literary Tour of Paris Real Estate – Part 2

08 December 2019

Welcome to the second part of our blog, taking you on a tour around the literary haunts of the Rive Gauche (Left Bank) 

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Paris Mansions Turned Museums – Part 2

15 November 2019

In the concluding part of this special blog, we look at more of the fascinating Paris mansions that became museums.

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Christmas at French Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte

08 November 2019

This year, you could celebrate Christmas at French Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte.

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Notre Dame Restoration

31 October 2019

Notre-Dame restoration has still not begun as of Fall 2019

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