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Client testimonials

Kerstin, Anne and and everyone at 56Paris Real Estate were the perfect team for helping us find and purchase our own apartment in a picture perfect Paris neighborhood in the Sorbonne Quartier of the 5th arrondissement. An excellent search and selection process quickly honed in on the right property that more than met our checklist of needs and wants.

"We wound up with much more quality in the property than I thought we would achieve."

Paul M. - Corona del Mar, CA.

Thank you Kerstin, for getting us the most beautiful apartment in St. Germain, we do appreciate and value it so much.

"Thank you Kerstin, for getting us the most beautiful apartment in St. Germain"

Sam S. - Washington D.C.

We feel very grateful to have 56Paris as our property managers. Both Kerstin and Michel are wonderful and are professional, helpful and kind. They have always been there to assist us. Merci beaucoup!

"Their team is comprised of dedicated individuals, attentive to our needs and requests."

Lorinda H. - Malta

"Alex…was kind, direct, informative and pleasantly persuasive… he immediately took full responsibility and went right to work. He did a wonderful job preparing and marketing the apartment and sold it in very short order — at the asking price he originally proposed.

Alex was patient, thorough, informative and sensitive. He answered all my questions, explained … every step of the sale and stayed in touch… he went above and beyond …By the time of the final closing, I had come to see Alex as a trusted friend."

"I cannot say enough good things about Alex Martin and my experience with 56Paris. He is the best."

Kristina J. - Brooklyn, NY

"My husband and I decided to buy an apartment in Paris about 3 years ago.
However, we were soon overwhelmed by all the differences in the process of purchasing real estate in Paris versus San Francisco – and as foreign buyers, it was even more complicated. Somehow, by luck, we found Kerstin and her team. They took us under their wing and helped us navigate every aspect of our search and purchase. Even though we had lots of specifications and ‘must-haves’ on our wish list, they were able to find us the perfect apartment. This real estate group is friendly and personable while remaining totally professional and competent. They are a full-service agency that will assist you with every step, from your first day of looking until the key is in your hand and your name is on the mailbox! They will also assist with apartment management needs and renovation. I have the greatest respect and gratitude for the people at 56Paris."

"They are an absolutely full-service, top-notch agency with a fabulous staff!"

Patricia TN. - San Francisco, CA.

"After viewing many apartments, we finally are the proud owners of our own beautiful Parisian home….. and it’s with great thanks to Kerstin, Anne and the whole team at 56Paris. You may have heard that navigating the Paris real estate market is a challenge…. I’d say that comment is an understatement! It’s not only challenging…it’s frustrating, confusing,time consuming and sometimes downright annoying! Our team helped to smooth the process at each step with professional introductions and solid knowledge of the Paris real estate market. They listen, they care and they work very hard on your behalf.

We closed on our property but our relationship with 56Paris continues. This is truly a remarkable group, run by kind and very accomplished women."

"I would not hesitate to use their services again and look forward to a long relationship with 56Paris."

Pam C. - La Jolla, CA

"Kerstin Bachmann helped us with a long and specific search that might have left other agents worn out; but Kerstin has an energy that defies explanation. Not only is she a tireless researcher, she is precise and detailed. Another great quality is how well and consistently she communicates – something that is not as well developed in France as it is in the US for example. You will always get a response to your emails/calls/questions."

"Her multiple languages, bubbly personality and great work ethic make Kerstin our go-to agent!"

Julia G. - Paris, France

"Of all the real estate transactions I have completed in the past 25 years, my recent apartment purchase was undoubtedly the most pleasant, expeditious and thorough experience ever. Kerstin and her expert team ensured every aspect of the purchase process and post purchase services were all managed in the utmost of professionalism."

"The apartment instantly became a home."

James B. - New York, NY

"We selected Kerstin’s team without knowing much about them, but their response and answers were exactly what we were looking for. They clearly went beyond the normal duties for an agent.

We found ourselves not being able to spend much time helping to sell our apartment, because we were very tied up with our business. Kerstin not only took care of the paper work and sale of the apartment, but helped with the handling of the furniture.

Because of this effort by them, the sale of our apartment in Paris went without a hitch."

"I would highly recommend them to anyone!"

Richard & Patricia G. - Reston, VA

"We now own the perfect apartment in Paris! Without the entire team at 56Paris, including their extensive network of legal, FX, architectural, banking and insurance professionals, the process of finding, closing and renovating an apartment in Paris would have been impossible. Their energy, professionalism, responsiveness and ability to communicate in multiple languages is top notch. I highly recommend utilizing their services for understanding the Paris market, purchasing a property, and assisting with ownership."

"We could not have done this without 56Paris!"

Beth P. - Vail, CO

"Kerstin has been a great advisor to us; smart, thoughtful, efficient, flexible, knowledgeable and analytical. She got us to a place where we felt like we could be knowledgeable and efficient buyers when the right apartment came along.

She allowed us to conduct almost the entire process by email from abroad. Kerstin was always frank and honest, never afraid to highlight the negatives of the apartment, always happy to continue looking for the perfect place. Once we identified the one we wanted, she guided us skillfully in getting a fair deal, and then in the process to close and post-close she was extremely helpful as our advisor/agent on the ground in Paris."

"We cannot say enough good things about 56 Paris Real Estate"

John G. - Boston, MA

"So I came up with a (nearly) impossible plan:

1 – find a new apartment for a gentleman who wants to sell me his apartment, a three bedroom untouched since 1938.

2 – help me buy the large unrenovated apartment from that gentleman.

3 – sell my one bedroom apartment in the same building so I could pay for the new three bedroom apartment.

The odds of pulling this off – all three pieces of it – were, I would guess, under 25%. KERSTIN DID IT."

"You made our dreams come true!"

Jim B. - Atlanta, GA

"My husband and I considered and researched buying an apartment in Paris for almost a year before we came to view properties. I spoke with several agencies that specialize in working with buyers from overseas and to the client of one of them."

"We chose to work with 56 Paris because I felt Anne and Alex seemed to truly listen..."

"and best understand what we wanted and we appreciated and knew we would need many of the services their group offers after the purchase."

Faith G. - Santa Rosa, CA

"Great service and expertise."

"I would use 56Paris again to buy or sell in Paris."

Parvez T. - Vancouver, BC

"We had an absolutely fantastic stay in Paris. Thanks so much. The apartment worked perfectly for us."

Nick & Liz G. - New York, NY

"Thank you very much for assigning Faustine as our search agent. We think she is quite competent and remarkably sensitive to our preferences."

"It is a great pleasure to work with such a well-organized and poised young professional."

"Her knowledge of the areas of Paris we are interested in, makes us very confident that we are on the trail of the perfect Paris pied à terre for us. Again, thank you for the pleasure of her company."

David & Nina H. - Boston, MA