The Jump for Life project in Paris is a new art book revealing a unique side to our city.


A charity project, some of the proceeds are being donated to support the Abbé Pierre Foundation.


We follow the locations showcased in the book and its striking photographs – taken in famous and more unusual locations around Paris. Many feature striking examples of Paris real estate, both interiors and facades.



A new perspective


Following the first confinement of 2020, photo agency Kong Factory had great success with a book called Paris Lockdown. It documented the city when the streets were empty, giving a previously unseen view of Paris.


Now, they are following up that edition with a new coffee-table book entitled Jump for Life. Once again, it shows a fascinating new perspective of our capital.


Only this time it’s a wholly modern vision, as a dancer jumps and appears to float in the air, suspended in time.



The artists behind Jump for Life


Jump for Life is a collaboration between Yamsonite, a jumper and artistic director, and photographer Fred Di Girolamo.


Yamsonite is a former Break Dance World Champion, and was Madonna's dancer for six years, accompanying the singer on two record-breaking world tours.


In each image, Yamsonite seems to defy gravity, captured in mid-air and giving the illusion of flying above the Parisian streets.


The spectacular photos are unedited, with no Photoshop, simply the ingenuity of the artists.



Iconic locales


The striking cover image of Jump for Life shows Yamsonite soaring above the Place de la Concorde, the large public square in the 8th arrondissement (district).


The rest of the book reveals more iconic locales, such as a typical house in Montmartre, a ballroom in the Shangri-La hotel, or the Palais Royal.


Another especially-striking photo shows the dancer ‘flying’ towards the Arc de Triomphe, the monument wrapped in fabric and transformed into an art installation by Christo and Jeanne-Claude.


Inside as well as out


Paris is one of the most photographed places in the world. But this book manages to give a surprising look from a fresh perspective. It does this by heading inside some of the city’s buildings.


To assist with this part of the project, the French Tourism and Convention Office granted special permissions to access some of the city’s architectural highlights.


These locations include theaters, museums, and department stores. A particularly impressive image captures Yamsonite floating above the famous staircase inside the Samaritaine department store. While another shows off the beautiful cupola of department store Galeries Lafayette.


In certain photos, other dancers join Yamsonite to pose. Or in the case of a humorous snap taken inside the Mandarin Oriental Paris, chef Thierry Marx.


Supporting charity with the Jump for Life project  


The Jump for Life project in Paris is supporting the Abbé Pierre Foundation, a not-for-profit that aims to enable all disadvantaged people to access decent housing.


For 35 years, the foundation has supported thousands of people in more than 20 countries.


Proceeds from sales of the book will help them continue their work, including construction and renovation projects in France. It is available to purchase here priced at €21.


The publisher, Kong Factory, has hinted that another volume of Jump for Life could be in the works.



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