If you don’t have a gym membership, you might be wondering where to work out in Paris.

Luckily, there are a few options available. And some exciting new developments too.

Walking… and working out

Of course, it’s easy to find your way around Paris on foot. It’s very much a ‘walking city’. But walking might not be enough.

After all, a buttered croissant with strawberry jam and a café au lait is around 450 calories. So if you want to live the Parisian life but keep trim, a visit to a gym could be worthwhile!

We covered the topic in this blog back in January. But since then, there have been some changes to the way you can book and use the city’s gyms. Perfect for the occasional visitor wanting to know where to work out in Paris.

Train your way with TrainAway

If you don’t want to splurge on a long-term gym membership, TrainAway is the perfect solution.

Available online, or as a free app for Apple and Android, it means you can get gym access with just a few taps.

TrainAway launched in Paris this summer with 25 partner gyms throughout the city. The platform is designed with travelers in mind and is built on the largest gym database in the world. Cardio and weight training suites are standard, and in Paris, the likes of yoga, pilates and spin classes are also available upon gym entry.

Best of all, there are no subscription costs. You simply pay when you want to use a gym. And prices start from 11€ per visit. TrainAway is in English too, perfect if you’re not a confident French speaker.

Visit the TrainAway website for more information, and to download the app to your device.

Where to work out in Paris, Rive Gauche

If you’re looking for a comprehensive fitness solution with flexible payment options, Champion Spirit Rive Gauche is an option right in the heart of the Rive Gauche.

The newest gym in Paris, it’s located in the city’s new Beaupassage. Dedicated to gastronomy and wellness, Champion Spirit stands out as the only gym in the Beaupassage development.

Set over three floors, the 1000m2 space caters to all your fitness needs. This includes group classes for cardio training, from yoga and Pilates to tai chi, Thai boxing, karate and even ballet.

The cutting-edge gym also has areas dedicated to bodybuilding, weightlifting and combat sports, along with a gym shop.

Best of all, Champion Spirit is not only for members. It has a flexible, open-access policy for its international clientele. This makes it easy to book a day or month pass and use the gym facilities on your own terms.

Whatever your needs

Whatever your lifestyle needs in Paris, the 56Paris experts are here to help.

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