What is it about the value of Paris real estate that stays constant?

Even with economic challenges and other pressures, the value of Paris stone remains.

Founder and Managing Director of 56Paris, Kerstin Bachmann, shares her views on this topic.

Owning a piece of Paris

Paris is a unique capital city.

Its centuries of history, Hausmannian architecture, and culture all combine to make it one of the most popular European destinations to live, work, and to visit.

Locals and people from all over the world feel attracted to its old-world charm, lifestyle, and timeless beauty. They want to own a piece of Paris, with a second home to call their own in the capital.

This subject is covered by Kerstin in a new video, part of an ongoing series on our YouTube channel.

Paris’ constant value and attraction

The uniqueness of Paris comes from a special mix of factors, things that are not seen in other European cities such as London, Barcelona, and Berlin.

First – there's a limited supply of property.

Buyers have a strong preference for buildings from the 18 th and 19 th centuries. This is the charming architecture that makes Paris so special. Even if a buyer asks for a new, modern building, it’s not always possible in Paris.

There are strict limits on new construction, so the property inventory remains limited.

In addition to that, the ring road limits Paris’ borders, and it simply cannot expand!

This means real estate prices almost invariably increase steadily, making property a sound investment, proven year after year.

Paris prices remain stable

The notaries of Paris are the go-to source for the latest data about real estate prices, and the overall number of property sales taking place.

We monitor these trends, and the latest reports from the final months of 2022 show that prices in Paris remain stable.

This is despite drops in other markets affected by the Ukraine conflict, inflation, and slightly raised interest rates.

Even with these challenges, Parisian real estate prices are stable and holding. In the most desirable areas of Paris, they are actually rising.

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A decision from the heart

For most buyers, purchasing a property in Paris is usually not only financially motivated. It’s also a decision from the heart.

For many of our international clients, this is often fulfilling a lifelong dream to live the Parisian lifestyle and enjoy all the wonderful attractions of the French capital.

Last but not least, Paris is very conveniently located for traveling all over Europe, with a central location and easy connections to the continent’s other cities and countries.

Maximizing the value of Paris real estate

With the ongoing uncertainties of the stock market and the dollar staying strong for American buyers, we believe that now is a great time to maximize the value of Paris real estate.

It’s a topic we covered in an earlier video.

Just one example of a property for sale with 56Paris is this top-floor one bedroom 430 sq. ft. apartment. Set in a 17 th -century former convent in the Gobelins area of Paris’ 13 th district, it overlooks an arcaded courtyard.

Double exposure provides an abundance of sunlight, while the living and dining areas have vaulted ceilings, exposed beams, four windows, a skylight, and a fully equipped semi-open kitchen.

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