Flats in the French capital are selling at only 2.7% below the asking price for a Paris apartment on average.

In-depth research of all real estate sales in France across 2015 shows that the average difference between the asking price for a Paris apartment and its final selling price is just -2.7%.

This information provides a helpful guideline for overseas buyers of apartments in Paris. Demand for Paris real estate remains consistently high due to its perennial investment value and the unique appeal of the city.

Real estate prices in Paris were up by 2.6% in Q2 , underlining the buoyancy of the French capital’s property market.

Paris Is A Seller’s Market

The -2.7% figure is lower than the -4.5% difference between asking and final selling prices seen for properties sold in the rest of France across 2015. It’s a strong reflection of the greater desirability of Paris real estate.

Larger properties, notably those with more than five bedrooms, are being sold, however, with a larger disparity from the asking price. They’re selling at -4.95% of the asking price in France as a whole. In Paris too, there’s often a greater margin for negotiation on larger apartments.

The statistics were presented by the real estate arm of the national newspaper, Le Figaro.

Understanding The Asking Price For A Paris Apartment

It’s important to know Paris differs in this from many other world markets. Properties are generally positioned for sale at a fair price, without padding for negotiations.

When an agency sells a property, the asking price for a Paris apartment is contractually defined as the maximum price.

The -2.7% figure is an average percentage. If you’re a buyer with your sights set on a premium Paris property, you should be aware that many of these command steep prices and can sell at their asking price.

In some cases, however, sellers with a unique property do over-inflate the asking price in the hope of attracting a one-off buyer.

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