To be compliant, Paris real estate diagnostic tests must be up to date and valid at the time of the sale.


Some diagnostic reports may never expire, for example, proof that a property has no asbestos or lead.


Others however, will need to be recent tests. So you will almost certainly have to redo some or all of the diagnostics that exist for the property.


Failure to have valid reports can cause a delay or cancellation of the sale.



Rule five: Tests are for information only


If you are selling your property, you only need to provide the information demanded by the DDT.


You are not obliged to undertake work to correct any defects or faults that the reports may mention, with the exception of anything that constitutes an immediate safety hazard. These will of course need rectifying.


However, if the surveys reveal other major issues, your potential buyer could pull out or demand a reduction in price.


A buyer can choose to take out more thorough structural and land surveys, although in France there is no legal obligation to do this. If they wish to, these additional surveys will be at the buyer’s expense.


Technically, this kind of test is also for general information only. The findings do not obligate the seller to make any improvements.


Failure to present accurate diagnostic reports could lead to legal action in the future for any ‘hidden defects.’


We highly recommend using the services of an agent, such as 56Paris. As real estate professionals, we deal with many different situations daily, and can help with your queries and concerns.



How much do Paris real estate diagnostic tests cost?


If you’re a seller reading about these real estate diagnostic tests, you will of course be wondering about the costs involved.


As a ballpark figure, you might expect the surveys to begin at a few hundred euros for a small apartment.


But it really does depend on the size of the apartment, and the number of diagnostic tests required.



What about rental properties?


If you are planning to rent out your apartment and to become a landlord, a different set of diagnostic tests apply.


As the lessor, they remain your responsibility, just as if you were selling.


But the requirements for a rental DDT are different, and some diagnostic tests have a different validity too.


This is another reason why we strongly recommend working with a professional realtor, who will be able to assist you and take away any uncertainty and stress.



A note for potential buyers


If you are reading this as a potential buyer, you are probably thinking how the real estate diagnostic tests will affect your purchase.


Before you agree to buy any property, ensure you’ve received the DDT report and have gone over it thoroughly with your agent.



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