It might seem obvious that Paris train stations affect real estate prices.


But you may not realize that having good transport connections nearby can increase a property’s price by as much as 25%.


We examine the criteria for this phenomenon, including how being too close to the station can actually have a negative impact.



Why do Paris train stations affect real estate prices?


It is common knowledge in the property industry. But a new report from a real estate tech company is confirming what we already knew: the proximity to a train station instantly makes properties more desirable.


Not only that, but more profitable too.


The main reasons for good rail connections are clear. It means residents can easily travel to and from work, enjoying a quicker commute. Almost a third of Parisians use public transport at least once a day.


For those with second homes in Paris, it means less traveling time to their apartment. Perhaps after a long flight, they may want to open the door and relax without an extended rail journey through the city.



Both over-ground trains and the subway


The positive effect emerges when properties are close to either a main train station or the subway, known in Paris as the Métro.


In the suburbs of Paris, where a good subway connection is especially prized, having a Métro station close by can increase a property’s price by a minimum of 10%, according to the latest study. In some suburbs in “Le Grand Paris,” as the greater Paris area is known, being close to the rail network increases the price by 25%.


For more central parts of the capital, being within 500 meters of a Métro station delivers an average increase of 7.7%.


In the capital’s central 6th arrondissement (district) the train station effect increases prices by 5.1%, while in the outlying 15th it is a substantial increase of 10.3%.


In areas where there is no subway, an over-ground station has an even greater impact. In these cases, being closer to the main terminal creates an average real estate increase of 9.3%.



How close is too close?


The fact that Paris train stations affect real estate prices is almost always a positive. Not just for those living there, but for those buying the property as an investment too.


However, in rare cases being too close can harm the price.


This is only if noise from the train lines, or the station itself, is obvious and intrusive.


In these cases, excessive noise pollution can reduce a property’s price by between 10 and 15%, compared to another property located a little further away.


So it is a balancing act. The report suggests being less than 500 meters (or less than 10 minutes by foot) may be too close, although only if noise pollution is evident.



Properties for sale with good rail connections


We currently have a selection of properties for sale with good rail connections.


You could own a piece of Parisian history, as the former home of Impressionist painter Georges Seurat is for sale.


Not only is this three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment set in a Haussmannian building, it retains the ornate moldings, fireplaces and herringbone oak floors. Located in the trendy 10th district, it is close to the Gare du Nord, home to the Eurostar.


Alternatively, this Faubourg Saint-Denis three-bedroom property is close to both the Gare de l'Est, also in the 10th.


A sunny, period property in a trendy neighborhood, its excellent transport links make it an attractive choice for both local and international travelers.


Finally, this one-bedroom Saint-Augustin apartment is in the vicinity of the Gare Saint-Lazare in the 8th.


Even with its travel connections, the property is a haven, with large French windows overlooking a garden and a quiet courtyard.


All these properties will make fantastic purchases for second homes or as an investment.



Your own property in Paris


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