Paris real estate investment has reached a peak in 2018. Now, its growth is second only to London. And even that could change in the near future.

What does this mean for Parisian property owners and investors? We take a look at the figures, and the results are promising.


The E-REGI investment index 2018

Top investment management company LaSalle has published their E-REGI investment index for 2018.

The report studied almost 300 regions in Europe, across 32 countries. In total, it covered 100 national capitals and large cities, looking at wealth, growth potential and performance, among hundreds of other factors.

From this data, LaSalle gives an overall rank of the fastest-growing real estate markets. And while London is in pole position, Paris is a very close second.


Paris real estate investment’s highest ranking

Real estate investment aside, Paris also features in the report’s other categories.

Paris is number one for ‘human capital,’ the socioeconomic value of its population. Also, job prospects for Parisians have improved more than any other European city.

All in all, Paris has received its highest-ever score, reaching its peak absolute value in the index’s 19-year history.

This builds on a previous LaSalle report that suggested Paris ranked in the top five for global real estate transparency.

It’s nothing but good news for those living, working and investing in the French capital.


Post-Brexit changes on the way

Of course, no one knows what changes 2019 will bring to the world’s markets. But what we do know for certain is that ‘Brexit’ takes place next March.

This means the UK will exit from the European Union, pulling out from the European single market and free movement regulations.

Mahdi Mokrane, LaSalle’s Director of Research and Strategy says, “As shown by the E-REGI index, Paris could clearly dethrone London, especially if the British capital were to suffer more from the uncertainties of Brexit.”

So, it’s true that the economic implications for the UK and its capital are still unknown. But with Paris waiting in the wings, it’s not implausible to suggest Paris may soon take the top spot for real estate investment.

All we can suggest is… watch this space!


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Original photo by Luc Boegly