As already expressed on social media and to the readers of our monthly newsletter last week, we at 56Paris Real Estate were, like everyone, shaken and shocked by the atrocities that struck our city on the night of Friday November 13th. Naturally, we were expecting a huge impact on Paris real estate after the terrorist attacks.

But dear clients, know this. You have astonished us all with your defiance and your love for our adopted city.

Normal Service Resumes

On the Monday after the attacks we opened our boutique real estate agency at 56 rue de Verneuil, a block away from the Seine in the heart of Paris’ left bank, in the hope of focusing again on normal life and business.

It was to be a busy week for us with non-resident search clients and prospects in town to find their dream property, as well as sales and purchases on the point of completion. We owe our reputation to the close and trusting relationships we have with our clients. So our first concern was to reassure ourselves of the wellbeing of those on the ground in Paris.

We said to all of you that in the light of recent events, we perfectly understood if you felt jittery and wanted to put matters on hold or, if you needed to, to take the time to reassess.

Your responses, however, across the board, were unanimous.

Paris Is What We Want

“We hesitated for a second but it is Paris that we want”, you said. “What has happened is devastating but we know events such as this can happen anywhere”, you added. “We won’t let this crush our dreams”, you stated. And even “being there while the events were taking place reminded me of how important Paris and the Parisian lifestyle are to me.”

As if this were not already enough of a statement, contrary to our expectations, we have since received a high number of new inquiries and visit requests, from both the US and elsewhere.

So, today, in the aftermath of the Paris attacks – a time that has been exceptional for us in both the most negative and the most positive sense – we would simply like to thank you all for knowing your own minds.

We’ll always have Paris.

At 56 Paris Real Estate, we’ll always be here for you.

Photo credit: Audrey Merveilles