The team at 56Paris recently enjoyed a class at a Paris cooking school.


In this fun session we learned tips and techniques from an expert French chef, trying our hand at a range of dishes.


Find out how we got on at Atelier des Chefs, and then, perhaps try the recipes in your kitchen at home. Or take a class yourself on your next trip to Paris.



World-famous French cuisine


French cuisine has a reputation as the best in the world. Are we biased? Perhaps a little!


From croissants and crepes to coq au vin and cassoulet, French food is just as much a part of our culture as the Eiffel Tower.


Our hosts were Atelier des Chefs, who offer a variety of cooking experiences at their kitchens here in the French capital. Their other sites include Aix-en-Provence, Toulouse, Lille, and Lyon.


We enjoyed a class at their Marais site – the Chefs’ workshop near Paris City Hall in the 4th arrondissement (district).


This Paris cooking school is perfect for families, friends, and colleagues like us to meet outside the office. Their multilingual staff makes it a unique team-building activity for all.


Atelier des Chefs base every class on three key elements: fun, learning, and well-being.



Getting hands-on at the Paris cooking school


A few steps away from the bustle of the rue de Rivoli, we entered a world of fine cooking.


We were greeted by Clémentine, who provided us with personalized aprons – a nice touch to the experience.


Our guide for the day was the very personable Chef Damiano. He guided us through a three-course menu, which began with a starter of ravioli in a mushroom sauce with white truffle oil. Next, the main course was duck and squash with aged Comté cheese. While to finish, the delicious dessert was a caramelized pear tart with mascarpone cream.


Watching these dishes come to life, from fresh ingredients to finished plate, while getting hands-on, was a fantastic experience.


Along the way, we learned so much, with Damiano sharing some ‘chef’s secrets.’ These included how to make a fool-proof caramel sauce from scratch, using handy items like butter spray in a can, always peeling mushrooms rather than rinsing them, and most importantly, how cooking is all about l'amour.


This is Paris after all.


The hours passed by quickly, and finally, we reached the best part of the experience… getting to taste the dishes! We enjoyed the fruits of our labor, gathered around a table d'hôtes in Atelier des Chefs’ relaxed and friendly atmosphere.