There is good news for anyone owning an apartment in Paris: notice of the annual co-owners’ meeting can now be communicated by email.

Until the change in French law in October, the official notification of the yearly co-owners’ general assembly (and any other meeting called) had to be communicated in writing and mailed to all apartment owners by the syndic (building management company).

Communal Decision Process

Apartments in Paris are sold as a copropriété (co-ownership – in a similar way to US condominiums), with each apartment owner contributing a proportional amount of the maintenance fees, based on the square footage of their own apartment.

The building management company holds responsibility for the management of the building but they are accountable to the general body of co-owners through a general assembly.

Co-owner annual general meetings are held once a year, with further meetings called as necessary. All co-owners have the right to attend and vote on any proposed decisions. Some decisions are made on the basis of a majority vote while others require unanimity. If you are unable to attend you may delegate someone to attend on your behalf and vote in your interests.

The French government’s simplification of the notification procedure recognizes the fact that the digital age has changed forms of modern communication. It stated that the change would help “reduce unnecessary costs in property management charges.”

Apartments co-owners in Paris will be asked to agree to the change in communication method at a general meeting and then to register their email address with their building management company.

A Welcome Simplification of the Rules

The regulatory framework surrounding apartment co-ownership in Paris is clearly defined even if it may seem occasionally complicated.

We at 56 Paris Real Estate, as part of our bespoke property management service, can attend annual general meetings when required.

We think it is good news for all concerned that the French government is moving with the times and simplifying procedures where it can. Permitting building management companies and apartment owners to communicate by email at last is a surprisingly simple but very welcome move.

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