As the Beaupassage opens in Paris, we take a look at what to expect, and how this new attraction will affect property in the area.

A new foodie hot spot that is home to some of the city’s finest chefs and gourmets, it’s the latest city feature that’s fast gathering international attention.

Beaupassage opens in Paris

It’s already referred to as a ‘temple of gastronomy,’ and it’s only been open a few months. But the stunning Beaupassage is much more than food. It’s the bringing together of Michelin-starred cuisine, shopping, real estate, art, and even horticulture.

Located in the rue du Bac area of the 7th arrondissement (district) the Beaupassage occupies the site of a former convent, and spans architectural styles from four centuries.

A foodie hot spot

Paris has a reputation as the world’s finest city for haute cuisine. So with food the main attraction of the Beaupassage, what delicious delights await visitors? It’s not street food, but a strictly high-end dining experience.

Along the passage, you can find some of France’s most respected names. This includes a restaurant, wine cellar and gallery from Yannick Alléno, and an exciting new café from Anne-Sophie Pic. Both these chefs have earned three Michelin stars for their culinary creations. There’s also a pâtisserie from renowned pastry chef Pierre Hermé,

Those with a passion for cheese will be in fromage heaven, thanks to Barthélémy. Famed as being the cheese supplier to the Elysées Palace, this exclusive shop has always been here, but is now benefiting from the regeneration of the neighboring area.

Art and gardens too

Commerce aside, the planners behind Beaupassage have woven in many more areas of interest.

In something of a surprise for its city location, it’s lush and green thanks to the planting of 60 species of trees. This is in addition to countless plants and flowers, all lining the passage.

Plus, four different artists have installed artworks and sculptures. These complement the greenery, giving the space a real contemporary edge.

As an open-air passage, the new area is perfect for taking a stroll, relaxing, and enjoying a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

A return to history

These wonderful pedestrian walkways are nothing new. They were once a common feature of Paris, enjoyed by millions of Parisians and tourists.

In fact, in the 19th century, there were 240 pedestrian passages in the city. Now there are 20. This makes the Beaupassage an especially welcome addition to the already chic yet village-like rue du Bac area. Sure to make it even more attractive to property investors and visitors alike.

Investing in the area

Interested in owning property in this area? As reported in this blog, it’s a fantastic choice, thanks to the current growth in the local real estate market.

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