It’s official. As France opens to US travelers once again, we take a look at the requirements needed to visit at this time.


For many of our clients, this means they are now able to visit their properties in Paris. Buyers and renters are also excited about this good news.


This is a breaking news story, but these are the latest developments.



The borders have reopened


Yesterday, on Wednesday, June 9, the French borders officially reopened. 


Following the past 15 months of the Covid-19 pandemic, travel has been subject to the strictest conditions. These are finally easing.


These conditions are in place to protect the health of all citizens, and to continue to ensure the virus stays under control.


Now, entry to France depends on a few factors, including proof of an EU-approved vaccine, and a negative PCR or antigen test.


Travelers must arrange their tests privately. These must show a negative result within 72 hours prior to departure for a PCR test, or within 48 hours before departure for an antigen test.



The USA: on the ‘orange’ list


The USA, along with the UK, is currently on the French ‘orange’ list. This is the new traffic light system in force.


When traveling from orange countries both a full vaccination record and a negative test result are essential.


As long as a traveler meets both these conditions, France is back open. The visit is no longer required to be ‘essential,’ and no quarantine is necessary upon arrival.


Exactly how a person will show evidence of their vaccination is still not 100% confirmed, according to the US embassy website. But we do know that only EU-approved vaccines will be valid.


Luckily for most Americans, this is not a problem, as the approved vaccines include Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson.


For most vaccines, the person is fully vaccinated 14 days after the second dose. For the single dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine only, it is four weeks.


If there is no evidence of vaccination, the traveler must give a compelling reason to gain entry to France, along with a negative test result, followed by an essential self-isolation quarantine of seven days.


Similarly, the European Parliament green lighted yesterday a Covid certificate for Europeans traveling within the EU. Effective July 1st, it will simplify travel to France for other Europeans.



The ‘red’ and ‘green’ countries


As France opens to US travelers, what about other countries?


According to the new traffic light system, many countries currently sit on the ‘red’ list. This is where the virus is still in active circulation, including the newer variants.


Red countries at this time include Argentina, Bahrain, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, India, and South Africa. For these travelers, the visit to France must be essential, and a negative test result shown even if vaccinated. Finally, they must follow an essential quarantine of seven to 10 days.


On the other hand, ‘green’ countries are safer, with no active circulation of the virus or any worrying variants. This currently includes Australia, most of Europe, Japan, and New Zealand.


When entering France from these destinations, non-essential travel is acceptable, and a negative test result required from unvaccinated people only.



Other changes now active in France


The reopening of the borders is not the only change happening in France.


On June 9, the deconfinement of the country continued with other changes to the retail, dining, and entertainment sectors.


Indoor dining is back, albeit with social distancing and reduced capacity. Still, the cafés and restaurants are now open and back in business. Also open are spas, casinos, indoor swimming pools, gymnasiums, and all other leisure and entertainment facilities.


This means Paris will slowly come back to life, returning to the city we know and love.


At this time, the evening curfew remains, although pushed back from 9pm to 11am. This means we can enjoy the terraces of bars and restaurants for another two hours into the night.


The next milestone for France is set for June 30. Subject to satisfactory health conditions at that time, the government will remove the curfew in full.



Further updates as France opens to US travelers


For Americans with second homes in Paris, this recent development is the good news they have been waiting for. With the borders back open, they are now free to return and enjoy their apartments once again, subject to the specified conditions of course.


Foreign buyers who have seen their Paris real estate plans put on hold for over a year are also eager to return. As are those looking to rent during their time in Paris.


Clearly, with things liable to change in the Covid-19 pandemic, we will continue to monitor the situation, and update this blog with any developments.


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