Paris’ city hall announced the winners of a competition that will transform the banks of the Seine. The Réinventer la Seine (Reinventing the Seine) competition is also in Rouen and Le Havre.

A new look for the Seine

The competition called for participants to generate ideas to promote the beauty of the Seine. The panel of experts considered 72 projects in the Reinventing the Seine competition. Altogether, there were 20 winning entries, 13 of which are in Paris.

The original competition, Reinventing Paris began in 2014. Since then, various offshoots have begun. Reinventing the Seine and Reinventing Paris – The subterranean secrets of Paris are the most recent.

Multi-purpose projects

The winning ideas are certainly innovative and adventurous. In addition, they are all multi-purpose. This will help to create versatile areas of the Seine.

Most importantly, they are also open to the public. Therefore they contribute to the environmental and social development of the city.

Financing the proposals in the Reinventing the Seine competition

In order to be considered, participants also had to put forward a financial proposal. This demonstrated that they would be able to fund their project. Funding for the projects is largely private.

Here is a selection of our favorite winning proposals:

L’Atelier de l’Arsenal

This project proposes to revive Place Mazas in Paris’ 12th arrondissement (district). It plans to be a residential and cultural location within a co-living building. A coworking space will also give the location a modern twist.

Moulin Seine

The Moulin Seine is a floating bakery/pastry shop. At the Quai des Invalides in the 7th district, it will open between 3 pm and midnight every day. On the main deck, you will find a bakery and food shop. An open workshop will allow you to watch the delicious products being prepared.

A large wheel will propel the boat, making it a real moulin (mill). Additionally, seminars will take place in the hold of the boat. Powered by electricity, the Moulin Seine is also a green project.


In the 15th district, l’Arche (the Arch) is a floating, Olympic-size swimming pool and sports center. Moreover, there will be well-being and rehabilitation activities on offer. In addition, the quay will house a removable dance hall for the lively summer months. A bar and restaurant complete the project.

The Reinventing the Seine competition is a great way for the capital to revive its banks with new and exciting projects. If you’re interested in finding a property near one of these locations, please contact us.


Photo credit: Seine Design