Sometimes, the wish list for our clients buying an apartment in Paris can seem almost impossible.


Like one of our recent American search clients. They desired a property in central Paris with three bedrooms and three bathrooms, along with other essential requirements.


Here we tell you how Kerstin Bachmann and 56Paris Real Estate took on this challenge… and solved it.



Finding the perfect property


One of the best parts of our business is helping those who dream of their perfect property in Paris. And nothing is more rewarding than when we make those dreams a reality.


Of course, some people have a very precise idea of what they are looking for.


Our recent client from the US was looking for a three-bedroom, three-bathroom apartment in the center of Paris. Preferably in the Marais or Saint-Germain-des-Prés districts. And ideally in move-in condition – or if it required any renovations, they needed to be included in the budget.


A search like this is a challenge in itself.


In the historic center of Paris, where buildings date from the 18th and 19th centuries, sometimes older, it’s hard to find properties that have already undergone renovation and offer one bathroom per bedroom.


Plus, the construction of some period buildings makes this kind of layout virtually impossible.


So we knew the 56Paris team had a challenge on its hands...