Are you thinking about buying an apartment in Paris?


Whether you have viewings booked – or are making your first steps – here are our Top 5 things to look out for.



Practical things to consider


It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re looking around an apartment. Especially in Paris. 


The building can be charming, the styling beautiful, and the location like something from a postcard.


But even if you’re an experienced buyer, the period properties in our city mean there are some practical considerations you will need to think about.


These are the things we know from years of experience, things that will save you time and money in the long run.

1. The structural work


The vast majority of apartments in Paris are period properties. It’s all part of the charm of living in this city!


And you don’t need to be an expert engineer to get a feel for the building’s condition.


So during your viewing, take a close look at the building itself. Look outside, inside the apartment, and around the communal areas.


Look for things like cracks in the walls, peeling paint, and water damage. If you see any of these things, it's a sign that the building might need some TLC.


Ask what alterations – if any – have taken place. When was the work done? Is it guaranteed?


Have any load-bearing walls been removed?


These are all good questions to keep in mind.



2. The quality of the materials


While you are looking around, also take a closer look at the quality and finish of the materials used in the apartment.


Be objective.


Are the tiles and kitchen worktops real stone, or cheaper substitutes?


In the equipped kitchen, what brand are the appliances? Are they high end?


If there are wooden floors, are they solid wood and in good condition?


Even if things look good at first glance, make sure you look a little deeper into the workmanship and finish of the previous renovations.



3. The co-ownership arrangements


In Paris, it’s highly likely that the apartment building has areas used by your neighbors and co-owners. This includes the corridors, walkways, and common parking spaces.


The running of apartment buildings requires a yearly meeting, covering the maintenance and finances.


We recommend reading the minutes of these AGMs. It can even be worth looking at the documents from three years ago.


This gives an idea of the other co-owners, and how they react when there are building works to vote on.


After all, you will become a part of this coproprieté (co-ownership) if you go ahead with the purchase.



4. Other spaces included with the property


Some buyers can be so focused on the apartment, they neglect some of the other spaces included with the property.


For example – a cellar or space in a parking lot.


Make sure you inspect them with the same quality checks as the main apartment.


Is the parking space accessible, and actually big enough for a car?


Is the cellar in good condition? Are the door and locks robust?


All are things you will need to be practical about before even thinking about making an offer on the property!



5. The energy performance


Last but by no means least, is the energy performance of the apartment.


Every property you view will have a Dossier de Diagnostic Technique (Technical Diagnostic File). This is also known as a ‘DDT’ or ‘diagnostics.’


This file contains a full report on how energy efficient the apartment is – this can give you an indication of the running costs.


It includes details of the heating system, ventilation, and insulation.


Even if energy rating seems to be a problem at first, all is not lost. Sometimes relatively minor changes such as new windows and radiators can make great improvements.


Other potential upgrades could be a new boiler or interior wall insulation.


Energy ratings have become more important than ever due to new laws regulating the rental of energy inefficient properties. We covered the important details of fixing apartment energy ratings in an earlier blog.



Buying an apartment in Paris with 56Paris


Are you thinking about buying an apartment in Paris?


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