Bastille Day fireworks: Where to enjoy the best views of the parades… parties… celebrations… You could say Bastille Day is like the French version of the 4th of July, only celebrated on the 14th.

But what is this National Holiday about, and how can you enjoy the celebrations when in Paris?

 A little history

Known in France as La Fête Nationale (The National Celebration), Bastille Day commemorates a turning point of the French Revolution.

All children growing up in France will learn about the ‘Storming of the Bastille.’ A military fortress in Paris, it was here on July 14th 1789 that crowds invaded, literally starting a revolution. Fighting back against the Bourbon monarchy of France, it changed the course of history forever.

A real occasion of national pride, celebrations are held throughout France, often starting the evening before on the 13th July. But of course, Paris is always the place to be.

Celebrations in the city

The parade along the Champs-Elysées is a showcase for the French military forces. And the chance to glimpse the President!

By the early afternoon, crowds begin to line the streets around the Eiffel Tower. Every park and bridge nearby fills with eager Parisians and tourists, all keen to claim the best vantage point.

The busiest of all is the Champs de Mars, the large area of greenspace around the tower. While other popular areas include the Trocadero, or the Sacré-Coeur, the highest part of Paris.

As the sun sets, you can feel the anticipation in the air.

Later, as the clock strikes 11pm, the night sky around the Eiffel Tower lights up with a truly spectacular fireworks display. Lasting up to 40 minutes, it’s one of the world’s finest.

Rooms with a view

If the alfresco experience isn’t your style, there are plenty of ways to head indoors and see the display in comfort.

Of course, the luckiest own a property nearby, or visit friends who do. A private balcony with an Eiffel Tower view is the utmost luxury. But there are other options too.

Fine restaurants like Monsieur Bleu and Café de l’Homme are perfectly located, as is the moderately priced Café du Trocadero.

From the riverbank

Coursing through Paris, the Seine is one of the city’s iconic landmarks. And there are many options to enjoy the Bastille fireworks and celebrations from the water.

Trips are available to suit many tastes and budgets. They range from the affordable Bateaux Parisien to the high-end Yachts de Paris. With sumptuous dinners, champagne and live music onboard, they’re a great way to avoid the crowds on dry land.

Your own property

Are you tempted by the prospect of owning your own Paris property? Perhaps one with views of the Eiffel Tower? One example is this elegant apartment just off the Champs de Mars.

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Photograph by_RoScO_, distributed under a CC-BY 2.0 license.