It’s a question we get asked frequently – are Paris Airbnb rentals allowed?


The answer is not always clear-cut, and there are several regulations to follow if you want to stay on the right side of French law.


We examine the dos and don’ts when listing apartments for a short-term rental online. And also the latest challenges that property owners are facing in 2022 when using Airbnb.



Airbnb and Paris – a turbulent relationship


Paris has a turbulent relationship with short-term rental websites. This includes those listed on sites and apps such as Airbnb, Vrbo, HouseTrip, and Wimdu.


As these sites have grown in popularity over the past decade, the French government has introduced more and more restrictive legislation – all designed to curb this method of renting apartments in the city.


But why?


Unlike most other global cities, there are limits to the available housing stock in Paris. The majority are centuries-old period properties, and the building of new housing is rare.


So the government wants to ensure that housing is available to those wishing to live and work here. It also wants to protect the famous hotel industry in Paris, seen as a vital backbone of the city.


That said, listing your apartment on Airbnb or a similar website is possible – if you follow the very strict rules.



Paris Airbnb rentals allowed – if you follow the rules


In Paris, you can let your apartment for a short term on Airbnb - but only if the property is your primary residence. And strictly for a maximum of four months, or 120 days a year.


Of course, there are other rules to follow. This includes registering your property with the local Mairie (Town Hall) to obtain a registration number. You must then cite this on your online listing, or face a fine.


To rent for longer than 120 days or to rent out a second home, landlords must apply to convert their residential property into furnished tourist accommodation. But the city is not allowing this change to happen easily!


Now, landlords must apply to the Town Hall for this approval. But most prohibitively, they must also provide proof they have tripled the amount of residential space elsewhere in the area. These extra-stringent regulations are in place as of January 2022.


There may be other rules to follow, and the guidelines are changing frequently.


They are prohibitive on purpose – to reduce the use of Parisian apartments as short-term rentals online.



More challenges this past year


Following a court ruling in 2021, the city has clamped down hard on those exceeding the 120-day rental limit.


Reports at the time suggested these landlords would face fines up to €50,000 each.


Some challenged the rulings against them in court. In something of a surprise, almost half of the landlords won their case and escaped the fine. We reported on these news stories in this blog.


Landlords can contest the ruling – and win – if there is no proof that their property was a residential property on January 1, 1970. This detail is known as the ‘H2 statement.’ This loophole is a technicality, but a defense that many landlords have used successfully.


However, the city continues to clamp down on Airbnb rentals, as seen recently in Montmartre.



Recent action in Montmartre


In recent months, teams of government agents have investigated the online short-term rental market. This includes over 1000 apartments in Montmartre, in the 18th arrondissement (district) of Paris.


They are on the lookout for holiday rentals exceeding the ceiling of 120 rental days per year, or undeclared second homes.


The agents go through the online listings, then visit properties in person to see whether they are in compliance with the rules.


Last year, the Airbnb platform was sentenced to pay €8 million for 1,000 of these listings without a registration number. Also, over 200 owners have been sentenced for non-compliance with the town planning or tourism codes.


These latest actions show that the city of Paris is staying vigilant.


So are Paris Airbnb rentals allowed – and will they continue?


The answer is yes, but only if you don’t mind the red tape, you pay close attention to the latest rules, and you follow them to the letter.



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