American investors in France are satisfied, says Bain. The news comes from the results of the latest ‘barometer’ survey.

We give a breakdown of this comprehensive report into the current investment landscape for our US friends living, working and/or simply investing here.

A prestigious survey

We’re taking a look at the latest ‘AmCham-Bain Barometer.’ This prestigious satisfaction survey has become something of an annual event. The American Chamber of Commerce in France presents the results every year.

Bain & Company, one of the Big Three management consultancies in the world, provides the results. The firm advises public, private, and non-profit organizations internationally. Safe to say, their survey matters.

The barometer gives an insight into “the overall satisfaction of American investors.” That is, the perception of France by US investors and the attractiveness of life here for their employees.

It also measures the morale of American investors in France and collects their opinions on current economic topics.

Satisfaction at an all-time high

The latest barometer is the 20th edition, surveying the subsidiaries of American companies in France from December 2019 to mid-January 2020.

The survey draws on responses from chief officers of 135 US firms here in France, many in Paris. Together, this represents more than 55,000 employees and over €55 billion in turnover across all business segments.

Looking at the results, the top line is clear. 64% of American investors in France surveyed consider France “a good or a very good destination” for investment in Europe. This is an all-time high.

But what factors have led to this excellent result?

A closer look at the results

Workforce qualification and workforce availability, legal stability, the current economic context, along with social climate and political stability are the top 5 investment decision criteria.

Overall, 40% of the investors surveyed are optimistic about the growth of the French economy in years to come. This is almost 10 points more than the previous year, and another strong result from the current barometer.

This renewed optimism translates into positive job creation prospects too. 51% of companies believe their employee numbers will increase in the next two to three years. This is further growth, compared to a score of 42% the previous year.

Both economic growth and job prospects are strong indicators for those in the real estate market.

The survey also covers how investing in France compares to other countries. With 64% suggesting it’s ‘excellent or good,’ it’s another stellar result. In this area, the survey states, “the quality of the workforce, infrastructure, and purchasing power make France an attractive destination for investment.”

Another question examines investors’ perception of France’s innovation ecosystem. An overwhelming 93% rate this as ‘positive or very positive’, mainly due to the quality of the French workforce.

France a standout in Europe

When looking at the strengths of France compared to neighboring countries, there are many standouts. These include France’s geographic location, quality of life and infrastructure, and cultural environment.

France is standing out in Europe for other reasons too. The survey points to Brexit in Britain, Germany’s current slow growth, and political issues in Italy. By comparison, France comes out ahead.

To conclude, the latest results suggest a new wave of American optimism in French investment, which will be especially good news to investors.

Assistance for American investors in France

So it’s official. The Bain barometer indicates that now is a great time to be investing in the French markets, including real estate.

If you’re looking to buy property here in our capital, 56Paris is on hand, and able to assist in all aspects of the real estate market. So why not speak to a friendly member of the team by getting in contact today?