In a new episode of our video blog, 56Paris finds an apartment for an American search client.

Kerstin Bachmann, our founder and Managing Director, explains the process and how this client now has a beautiful home in the French capital.

Using the search services of 56Paris

According to Kerstin Bachmann, finding your dream apartment in Paris is always a question of timing.

In this case, the search perhaps took a little longer than we would normally expect. Why? Because the client gradually adjusted their search criteria over time.

Many people come to 56Paris with a very specific idea of what they’re looking for. However, others may see their criteria evolve during the process of searching and visiting apartments.

There are several reasons for this.

There might be a change in their personal situation. Or perhaps the client realizes what they thought they wanted isn’t what they really want.

Many times, it’s only when searching that the client sees what is and isn’t possible when buying an apartment here in Paris, with its finite stock of period buildings.

As search agents, our main role is to help our clients focus on what matters to them. We help them to check if their desires are realistic, and then find a matching apartment.

And in this case, it was another success story.

Matching the search criteria

After having excluded certain districts – and three times the size and twice the budget later – 56Paris found a property that matched almost all the criteria.

They went for a classic fourth-floor apartment in the southern part of the 17th arrondissement (district). It’s a prime location near the Place de l'Étoile.

The clients loved this apartment’s Hausmannian building style, the nearby street markets, and its relaxed residential atmosphere.

At first, there was an issue with the lack of a second bathroom – an essential on this client’s list of must-haves.

But luckily there was a solution, hidden in plain sight.

A wonderful home here in Paris

As so often in Parisian properties, there was not the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms. 

So together, we were looking for solutions for how to connect a second toilet to the existing sewer line in this apartment, which was otherwise perfect in every way.

In the end, it was the client who solved the problem. 

She was pretty savvy when it came to buildings, and unbeknownst to the seller of the apartment, there was a second sewer line behind the wall, discovered by our client. Problem solved!

With the search criteria now fulfilled, our clients went ahead and made the purchase.

And the result? After weeks of thorough renovation, choices of color schemes, and several trips to antique dealers and flea markets, they ended up having a wonderful home here in Paris.

To watch the video of this successful search story, view the video blog here.

Recently sold, also in the 17th


Of course, our services extend to more than simply searching for properties. We are a fully licensed real estate agency, with apartments for sale as well.


Just one example of a recent sale is this typically Parisian two-bedroom apartment which lies near the place Pereire – nearby in the 17th.


A two-bedroom apartment, it offers a living room, dining room, bathroom, and a separate kitchen. Renovation work will enhance the property, with the opportunity to adapt the flexible floor plan.

It sits on the 5th floor of a lovely period building with elevator.

Once updated by the new owner, we expect this property to make an ideal pied-à-terre, primary residence, or rental investment.


You can find out more about our real estate buying and selling services on our website.

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